The World Schooner Cup

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Coming Soon:  Nova Scotia, September 2018

(photo courtesy Nova Scotia Archives.  Schooner Gertrude L. Thebaud briefly leading Bluenose.)

This idea originated in the 1990s, when John Steele (then at Covey Island Boatworks) and Carl Cramer (then at WoodenBoat Magazine) first discussed the concept.  Now it is coming to fruition:

* to bring back the spirit of the International Fishermen's Cup (or Trophy), run in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Gloucester, Massachusetts in the 1920s and continuing until the final races of 1938.

Of course times have changed since then -- there are no longer any sailing vessels fishing on  the Grand Banks.

Our intention here is to restore some of the magic and spirit of those races, open to schooners of all designs, materials, ages, and sizes.  Traditional and modern; cruisers and racers.

The first event will be held in either Halifax or Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, in September 2018.

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